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Our " green gold " is the result of an assembly of traditional varieties grown in our region: salonenque, grossane, aglandau and verdale. Every year, during the "olivades", we perform the same alchemy and we are proud to let you discover this when you taste our olive oils.

The oil is tasted the same way as a vintage wine: smelling the aromas, observing the texture and then tasting it, swilling as much oil as possible round your mouth.

Our oil has been classified " A.O.P VaIlée des Baux de Provence " which means "Appellation d'Origine Protégée" or "Protected Origin Certification" along with the red and yellow European logo: this complies with European regulations that guarantee the reputation of our produce whilst adapting the existing national protection to the requirements of the World Trade Organisation.

There are two fruity olive oils characteristic of the A.O.P :

  • fruity green :
    this comes from olives harvested and pressed within 24 hours. The oil has an intense, fluid texture with strongly marked plant flavours such as almond, apple, freshly mown grass, raw artichoke...
  • fruity black :
    this is obtained from mature olives that are stored for several days in boxes, where fermentation is supervised and controlled; this oil gives off the powerful aromas of cocoa, mushrooms, truffled undergrowth and cooked artichokes...

In season (i.e. from September to March), we also produce our own split olives. These are also classified "A.O.P Vallée des Baux de Provence " and they are made from hand-picked olives, carried in a waisted basket. We pick the largest salonenque or aglandau olives which are then split and marinated in fennel and brine: these are excellent for aperitifs or in a rich stew !

Any products derived from preserving olives : tapenade olive paste, split olives, grossanes or picholines are not produced by us..